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Christina de Pian

Hanna Schimek



Christina dePian, Athens/GR. My work includes projects in which cooperation and interaction are part of the artistic process and the end result. As a member of Der blaue Kompressor – Floating and Stomping Company, and Cooperations / Luxemburg – I was able to appreciate and apply the artistic and social potential of inter-disciplinary exchange and communication. Photography, film and video are main activities both in my personal work as well as in  educational and workshop situations. I have designed a website presenting Moving Image Techniques to assist children and beginers in creating animation films.

Hanna Schimek, Vienna/A and Aegina/GR. The basic area of my work includes implementations of interdisciplinary art projects, research in visual media and film, artworks in social/cultural context, photography, art books, art & environment projects. Artistic activities and exhibitions in Austria and abroad. Member of the artists’ group – Der blaue Kompressor – Floating & Stomping Company. Together with Gustav Deutsch, founder and an artistic director of LIGHT | IMAGE – The Aegina Academy, a forum for Art and Science, based in Greece on the Island of Aegina.


Guest artists:


Gustav Deutsch, Artist, Filmmaker, lives in Vienna/A and Aegina/GR. Basic area of the artistic work: Film-works on the phenomenology of the medium film. Concept, organisation und realisation of interdisziplinary Art-projects as an attempt to regain social effectiveness of Art. Artistic research works. Art & environment projects. Since 1985 projects with Hanna Schimek (D&S).Design > Buttons nr. 21 /28 

Dagmar Fruehwald, artist, teacher, writer, lives and works in Vienna/A The “mise en scéne” of cultivated plants is one of the main themes of her sculptural work. After her studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, scholarship in Mexico. Studies of german as a foreign language, University of Vienna (D.A.F.) Teaching of German as foreign language and Alphabetisation in Vienna and in Cuba. Her recent work of art refer to the substantial experience of language. Related publication: Ein Tag Honig ein Tag Zwiebel - analogies / images / metaphors of fifteen different cultures (together with Hanna Schimek) Vienna: edition Volkshochschule 2004. Design > Buttons nr. 7 / 8

Ernst Kopper , Austrian Architect, lives and works in Vienna/A, current architectural works: New Building AKH Vienna, Lab Building / Meduni Vienna, completion for 2009; CeMM – Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Science, completion for 2010; Films and videos: Fulkur, 1981; Rituale, 1981; World / Time  25812min, 1990, (togehter with Gustav Deutsch).  Design > Button nr. 66

Luitgard Eisenmeier, lives and works in Vienna and Blumau/Wild, Austria. Makes unique books and photocopiable magazines comprised of images and texts, partly her own, partly from other sources. The basis for the unique books are usually historical, barely used accounting books, which are treated with various techniques: writing, calligraphy, assembling of items, objets trouvés and photographies, cutting, tearing, perforating, glueing, sewing, stitching, braiding, stapling. Member of the artists group Der Blaue Kompressor, Co-owner of the Café Nil in Vienna.  Design > Buttons nr. 81 / 82 / 86